Step 9

Starting To Gold Plate


Starting to Gold Plate the activated emblem

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The red gold plating handle is connected to a special post-regulated power supply that  delivers the precise amount of voltage required to apply the gold plating.  The emblem is charged relative to the solution.  The output voltage of the gold handle is also user controllable.  For most applications the voltage is set to 5 volts.  The gold should be plated with a very pure direct current.  The Gold Star gold application power supply produces less than 5mv of ripple.  The low ripple, precisely controlled power ensures that you have every technical advantage possible. 

1.    Placing Drain Apron

2.    Setting Drain Pan

3.    Positioning The Gold Star

4.    Ready To Sit Down

5.    Stripping The Existing Chrome

6.    Rinse After Stripping

7.    Activating The Nickel Surface

8.    Rinse After Activation

9.    Starting To Gold Plate

10.  Continuing Gold Plating

11.  Finished Gold Plating

12.  Rinsing After Gold Plating

13.  The emblem after Waxing and drying.


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