Step 2

Setting The Drain Pan


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The drain pan is a collection and holding reservoir for your rinse water.  A special "apron bar" or an optional stainless steel grounding tray (as shown here) holds the apron tight.  Keeping the apron tight and flat is important.  This prevents the rinse water from dripping off the drain apron before it gets to the drain pan.  The drain pan has 2 re-sealable plugs in the top to allow the liquid to drain inside and a spout on the end so the solution can be poured into a suitable storage container.   When you are ready to move to your next job, the drain pan can be totally sealed.

1.    Placing Drain Apron

2.    Setting Drain Pan

3.    Positioning The Gold Star

4.    Ready To Sit Down

5.    Stripping The Existing Chrome

6.    Rinse After Stripping

7.    Activating The Nickel Surface

8.    Rinse After Activation

9.    Starting To Gold Plate

10.  Continuing Gold Plating

11.  Finished Gold Plating

12.  Rinsing After Gold Plating

13.  The emblem after Waxing and drying.


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