Step 3

Positioning The Gold Star


The Gold Star is set up and ready for the technician to begin plating

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Having the ability to quickly set up for each emblem is the key to maximizing your income potential with an on-site automotive plating business.  This is where the Gold Star really Shines.  The wheeled cart holds the plating handles and solutions in the best possible position for you to be able to roll in and begin the plating process.  The corrosion resistant solution beaker tray fits snugly up against the drain pan.  This arrangement greatly reduces the chance of the solutions dripping on the showroom floor or dealership parking lot.

1.    Placing Drain Apron

2.    Setting Drain Pan

3.    Positioning The Gold Star

4.    Ready To Sit Down

5.    Stripping The Existing Chrome

6.    Rinse After Stripping

7.    Activating The Nickel Surface

8.    Rinse After Activation

9.    Starting To Gold Plate

10.  Continuing Gold Plating

11.  Finished Gold Plating

12.  Rinsing After Gold Plating

13.  The emblem after Waxing and drying.


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