Step 4

Ready To Sit Down And Plate


The Gold Star Gold Plating Machine ready for work

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At this point we have spent less than 1 minute setting up to plate this emblem.  The tape that holds the drain apron up is reusable.  When an emblem is finished, the tape is carefully pulled off and laid in the drain pan with the adhesive side up.  This way, the tape will last for 3 or 4 cars before it needs to be changed out.  The color coded  application handles hang directly above their solution beakers.  The plating technician only needs to grab the right color for the step, everything else is automatic.

click here for a close-up of the handles and beakers.

1.    Placing Drain Apron

2.    Setting Drain Pan

3.    Positioning The Gold Star

4.    Ready To Sit Down

5.    Stripping The Existing Chrome

6.    Rinse After Stripping

7.    Activating The Nickel Surface

8.    Rinse After Activation

9.    Starting To Gold Plate

10.  Continuing Gold Plating

11.  Finished Gold Plating

12.  Rinsing After Gold Plating

13.  The emblem after Waxing and drying.


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