Step 5

Time for this step;   < 1 minute Total time spent;     2 minutes

Stripping The Existing Chrome


The Chrome is removed, exposing the underlying bright nickel

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More than 80% of automotive emblems, (such as the one shown here) are made of plastic.  The emblem is manufactured using a plateable grade of ABS plastic.  The surface is then metalized, or made conductive, and then plated with copper and then nickel and finally with chrome.  With the Gold Star, the chrome is electrochemically removed in the "chrome stripping" step.  This step has no effect on the underlying mirror bright nickel.  Virtually any item that has been chrome plated will have a bright nickel finish that readily receives the 24K gold plate.

1.    Placing Drain Apron

2.    Setting Drain Pan

3.    Positioning The Gold Star

4.    Ready To Sit Down

5.    Stripping The Existing Chrome

6.    Rinse After Stripping

7.    Activating The Nickel Surface

8.    Rinse After Activation

9.    Starting To Gold Plate

10.  Continuing Gold Plating

11.  Finished Gold Plating

12.  Rinsing After Gold Plating

13.  The emblem after Waxing and drying.


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