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Gold Solutions

            Brush Gold

            Pen Gold

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Brush Plating Chemicals

            Chrome Stripper

            Nickel Activator

            Bright Nickel

            Woods Nickel Strike


    All-Inclusive Kits

      Automotive Plating Kit

          Gold Star            

      Brush Plating Kits
            Gold Smith

            Universal Plater

            PCB Repair Kit

      Immersion Plating Kits

            Jewel Master


Plating Supplies

         Application bits

            Application sleeves

            Pen plating tips


            Drain Aprons

            Drain Pans

            Lab anodes

    Plating Supplies

Product Description Units Part # To Order

Type 316 stainless steel application bits. These bits are available in three styles.

1/8"round x 3"long bit - For use with 1/8" sleeves & our Combination Handle

1/4"round x 3.5"long bit- For use with 1/4" wooly & gold  application sleeves.

1/8" to 1/4" conversion bit - When using a combination handle and 1/4" wooly or gold sleeve.

1/8"  $4.00 BIT8
Application bit
1/4"  $6.00 BIT4
1/8" to 1/4"



Application Sleeves -  Three types of standard application sleeves.

Wooly Sleeve - 1/4" high solution capacity sleeve normally used for chrome stripping, nickel activation or nickel plate.

Gold Sleeve - Used with a 1/4" bit, these sleeves are shaped for detail application and to conserve valuable gold solution.

1/8" Sleeve - Used with a 1/8" bit for plating using a combination handle.

 Wooly Sleeve $2.00 SLVW
Gold Sleeve  $1.50 SLVG

1/8" Sleeve $1.00


Fine Select Pen Plating Tips - Available in medium and ultra fine

Medium  $1.00 ea. TIPM
Type of Tip
Ultra Fine  $1.00 ea. TIPU

Super 88 Tape - 1-1/2" high quality plastic tape for masking and holding the drain apron.

Roll  $10.00 TAPE  
Misc. Supplies

Combination Handle - Application handle for use in Brush Plating & Fine Select plating. Handle allows for swapping between 1/8" bit & Pen Plating Tips.

$35.00 CH

Lab Anode - Platinum plated titanium anode. 1" x 9"

$125.00 each LAB

The Drain Apron collects the rinse water and diverts it to the drain pan which can be sealed to prevent spillage.

The Super 88 tape is used to seal the drain apron to the working surface to prevent spillage of solutions and rinse water.