Gold Plating To Improve Solderability of Materials


Stainless Steel


Without nickel underplate

Plating nickel underplate

Type 308 stainless steel rod ready to be gold plated

Silveer strip after nickel plating

A nickel underplate was not desired or required for gold plating this stainless steel rod.  After polishing we simply cleaned with methyl alcohol.  This rod is now ready for gold plating.  Note: Activation of some stainless steel alloys is desirable and can be performed using Wood's Nickel Strike or TriVal Acid Gold Strike solution.

Since a nickel underplate was required for this application we applied a layer of Bright Nickel Plate directly onto the cleaned silver.

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For this photo-demo we used the Universal Plater so that we could plate the silver strip with nickel without having to change the handle or sleeve.  For applications that don't require electro-cleaning, activation or plating with 2 or more metals the PCB Plating Repair Kit would be an excellent choice.


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