Technical Data Sheet

TriVal 24k Brush Plating Gold Solution

TriVal Prices are exactly the same as 24K Brush Plating Gold  Pricing

Gold Plating Services’ TriVal brush plating solution is a fully complexed trivalent acid  (potassium aurocyanide) electroplating formulation.  We have developed this gold process that will allow you to plate 24karat gold directly onto extremely difficult to plate alloys such as stainless steel, Invar or Kovar, (even chrome).  Test results of our new TriVal Brush Gold show it to be clearly superior to other single step type products in throwing power, brightness, adhesion and durability.  Gold Plating Services’ TriVal Brush Gold is a cobalt hardened, high gold content solution that allows you to plate up to 20 micro-inches using a normal plating voltage of 5 to 7 volts.  The secret to the superiority of Gold Plating Services’ TriVal Brush Gold is our trivalent potassium aurocyanide complex. The tightly bound complex allows us to produce this superior gold solution with a pH of less than 0. This super-aggressive solution ensures concurrent activation and deposition of the metallic gold for maximum adhesion.

Our featured use for TriVal Brush Gold is to provide an answer for the problem of plating gold onto stainless steel.  Gold Plating Services’ TriVal Brush Gold eliminates the need for a Woods nickel strike to prepare stainless steel for gold plating.  TriVal can be used as a single plating step method of plating gold on a cleaned and activated surface. 




130 - 200 Knoop

Solution Metallic Content

5.3 g/8oz


Operating Temperature Room to 110 F°
Anode voltage 8 - 12 VDC
Cathode Current Density 20 - 50 ASF
Cathode Efficiency 8 - 10 %
Anode  Platinized Titanium or graphite 
Sleeve Cotton or Polyester
Work in circular motion, in small circles with low wand pressure keeping fresh solution between sleeve and work.
Read and understand MSDS sheets before using:  For professional use by trained technicians only.