Question about gold plating PCB fingers with the Jewel Master

We recently purchased a Jewel Master for plating small components.  We also do circuit board assemblies here and I was wondering if I could use the existing gold plating equipment that I have and just purchase the pen needed to apply the gold to the gold fingers.  Do I also need to purchase a different gold solution?

 Please let me know.



Our Answer 


You could easily use the equipment for pen plating.  You would need the combination handle, felt tips or stainless application bit with sleeves and the proper gold solution.  The Pen gold is a very high concentrate liquid, (1.4g fine gold/oz) and the 24K Brush gold solution is specially designed for brush application.  The Combination handle and stainless steel application bit is $45, the felt tips are $1.00 and the application sleeves are also $1.00.  I have attached the PCB Repair Kit Userís guide as a general guide.  You would just plug your handle and common into your Jewel Master power supply and adjust to the correct voltage.  Please look over the PCB Repair Kit guide and let me know if you have any questions.  The other components for PCB plating can be found at .




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