Question regarding gold plating on tools for retirement gifts or awards.


Sorry to bug you - But I would like to gold plate a saw (a standard carpenter's hand saw that is about 30 inches long). Could you tell me if it can be done?  The saw is made out of Steel.

thanks so much,


Our Answer 

Hi Peter,

We have gold plated lots of tools for use as awards, retirement gifts and as personal keepsakes.  I would guess that the saw has a wooden handle; we need to remove the steel blade from the handle or go through a masking procedure that will prevent the wood from coming into contact with the plating solutions.  Please send us a picture with dimensions so that we can provide a rough estimate.  Additional pricing will be needed for any masking or removing the blade from the handle, extra polishing or finishing that may be required if the saw is not new and needs extra work.  The easiest scenario would be if the saw is new and you could remove it from the handle and send it in.  We can give you a fixed price before we do any work and after it is done we will e-mail you a picture and you can pay with a credit card.  If you want to do this, send it in along with a copy of this e-mail to:

 Gold Plating Services, 378 North Main #112, Layton UT 84041

Let me know if you have any questions, Sue


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