Question regarding gold plating standards

I'm wondering whether there are any standards regarding the thickness of "gold flash", i.e., at what thickness does something go from being considered "flash" to being considered "plating".

Thank you very much.


Our Answer 


Here is the short answer to your question; Other than the watch or jewelry industry, the FTC has regulations concerning the designation of electrodeposited gold coatings.  Articles sold as “gold electroplate” or “gold electroplated” must have a minimum gold purity of at least 10K and a minimum thickness of 7 micro-inches (.18µm).  Items meeting the purity requirements but not the thickness requirements should be referred to as “gold flashed” or “gold washed”.  Items with more than 2.5µm (100 micro-inches) can be marked as “Heavy Gold Electroplate”.  Typical thickness for decorative and most electronic applications range from 15 – 40 micro-inches.


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