A Truly Unique Gift For Someone Who Loves Golf And Gold !

Gold Ping Putters (45903 bytes)

Do you know someone who loves golf?  Give them a beautiful, totally unique gift that simply isn't available anywhere else.

These beautiful gold plated putters have never been used, are in new condition, boxed, with the original head cover. In preparing display items for trade shows, we decided that gold plated Ping Putters* would dramatically and beautifully demonstrate the before and after effect of our electroplating process. Visitors to our booth were so impressed, they wanted to in purchase our Gold Plated putter displays, on the spot, for themselves or as a gift. We are now offering these Unique Gold Ping Putters on a limited basis.

A "Collectors Edition" gold plated "Ping look alike" was selling in a popular golf magazine a few years back for over $300. However, this is not a "Look-Alike", this is a genuine Ping-Putter with a beautiful layer of 24 Karat Gold.

We accept Visa, M-C, American Express, money orders or cashiers checks.   We will also ship upon receipt of funds for personal checks.  $6.00 pays shipping and handling, via UPS ground, to anywhere in the Continental US.  Other customers pay actual shipping cost + $3.00 for box and packing. 



* Please note, only the head of the putter has been gold plated.

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