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Like The PCB Gold Plating Repair Kit With Lots of Extra Features

Three separate application handles and solution working beakers make it easy!

Some benchtop plating projects require treatment or plating with 2 or 3 consecutive steps; for example you may want to plate with copper then nickel followed by gold plating.  The Universal Plater gives you the equipment you need to quickly set up and plate these projects without the bother of constantly changing tips, handles or solution beakers.


It's Easy!  Gold plating is a fun satisfying process that can be incorporated into many different types of businesses or personal projects.  The Universal Plater Kit comes with complete instructions and everything needed for gold plating onto most plateable metallic surfaces.  With the Universal Plater gold plating is easy to learn; the kit includes a step-by-step tutorial that guarantees your first plating experience will be fun and successful.  If you ever have questions about other types of work we provide unlimited free technical support.  You will have access to our many years of plating experience.

Fine select plating on Printed Circuit Board fingers is a common form of PCB Gold Plating repair performed with the PCB Gold Plating Kit

When used to perform PCB gold plating repair, the Fine Select tip gives you the control you need to selectively plate tiny areas using a highly concentrated gold solution.  The pen plating gold included with the kit contains enough gold to plate over 3,000 of the fingers shown above to a thickness of 30 micro-inches.

Gold Plating can be an excellent tool for many different types of art and crafts mediums

Using a custom adaptor for brush plating printed Circuit Board  fingers as a way of providing PCB gold plating repair

We recently completed a project that required plating all the fingers on 5,000+ PCB boards.  We used a specially designed adaptor to ground the fingers so we could use a larger brush and brush plating gold solution.

Other uses and applications - select the links below for more information

  Fine Detail Select Plating   

Gold Plating a coin

Electrical connection corrosion resistance

This technician is using the fine select plating tip to apply 24K gold to silver electrical contacts mounted inside a plastic housing.

 Re-touching existing gold plating  

Gold Plating stainless steel items

 Gold Plating onto jewelry items   Gold Plating onto guns  
Gold Plating Antique Items    Gold Plated Antique picture frame Gold Plating Art sculpture Gold Plated Tree Sculpture

Gold Plating Art Glass, (stained glass)  Click here to see how it is done .

Gold Plating Art Glass items Knives  

Gold Plating to Improve Solderability of Materials

Click here to see how it is done.

Gold Plating For solderability Gold Plating antiques and larger items Gold Plated Music Box Lid


Universal Plater Pricing

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Total price for  the Universal Plater, (less shipping), as shown above and described below


     The complete Universal Plater kit Includes;

      AC wall voltage power converter utilizes any input current from 100 to 240 volts AC - 50 - 60 Hz. 5 types of input clips are available, please specify your preference when ordering.

      Universal Plater console / beaker tray with analog voltage display control panel for fine voltage control and  resolution to 1/10th volt.  Plating assembly is hard wired for fast set-up and mistake free connections for application handles and work.

      Three combination fine select / brush plating application handles and leads.

      Common Lead with alligator clip.

      Three type 316 stainless steel brush plating bits with 12 solution application sleeves

      High density fine select gold plating tips - three ultra fine and three medium.

      Three working solution beakers and one fine select solution beaker .

     Complete instruction manual with color photos of set-up, step by step beginners tutorial and  operational details on the use of the Universal Plater including all Material Safety Data  Sheet's for solutions provided.

      Unlimited free technical support.



Chemicals included in the Complete Universal Plater Kit:

      One - 1 oz jar 24K High Concentration Pen Plating Gold Solution containing 1.4 grams fine gold.  (this is enough gold to cover 600 square inches to a thickness of 10 micro-inches - 0.25 microns)

      One - 4 oz jar 24K  brush plating gold solution gel containing 1.4g fine gold content. (this is enough gold to cover 600 square inches to a thickness of 10 micro-inches - 0.25 Microns) 

      One - 8 oz jar Bright Nickel plating solution . 

      One - 8 oz jar Surface Activator solution .

Individual Chemical  and Accessory Prices:

 4 oz jar 24K  Brush Gold solution - gel containing 2 grams fine gold.


1oz jar 24K high concentration Pen plating gold solution containing 1.4 grams fine gold.

 Type 316 ss combination fine select/ brush plating application handle and lead ........$45.00
Common lead with clip and stainless steel contact probe  ........$10.00
1/8" - type 316 stainless steel brush plating bit ........ $4.00
Fine select plating tips -  medium or fine ........ $1.00

1/8" - solution application sleeves

........ $1.00



Optional chemicals, (not included in standard kit)

8 oz Wood's Nickel Strike solution, (for activation of stainless steel) ........$10.00
8 oz Electro-Cleaner Solution ........$10.00
8 oz Bright Nickel plating solution ........$20.00
8 oz Bright Copper plating solution ........$20.00
* Precious metal prices may vary according to market conditions.  Above prices are  based on pricing as of August 9, 2012.  Call or e-mail for current pricing.  

When purchasing your PCB Gold Plating Repair Kit, payment can be made with most credit cards or with Pay Pal

      Usually ships within 1 business day from order

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